Time for a general round-up of lessons learnt – as my campaign to be Meerkovo Ambassador has come to an end:


  • Twitter is surprisingly altruistic

Seriously, I have never met you people. I’m doing the online equivalent of unsolicited junk mail. And there you are re-tweeting me, sending me messages of support, offering advice. Humans are wonderful.

  • People still don’t read Facebook events

You can win an iPad by clicking Attending. And that means I’ll donate 50p to charity for you. That’s it. Why would you click Not Attending? You haven’t read the event, have you?

  • Leaving meerkat toys on the Tube makes you feel like a terrorist.

Enough said.

  • Sometimes offline is best

My mother has bullied all relations and friends, near and distant, into voting, and it made me realise what her social network is. Bridge, tennis club, work, university friends, baby playgroup friends, school gates friends. Frankly, it makes Facebook look pathetic in comparison.

  • The power of celebrity is not to be underestimated.

My competitor clinched victory due to a Re-Tweet by Davina McCall that garnered him hundreds of votes in the last weekend. In the online sphere, the power of celebrity is not to be denied. (Though she does have 600,000 followers, so only a few hundred extra votes shows their level of engagement.)


I’ll continue to follow the campaign closely, so good luck to Josh, the Meerkovo Ambassador, who richly deserved to win. And to all my fellow competitors. It was, all in all, a pretty bizarre experience.

Oh, and you can see my post on The Wall here


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