Agridulce // Bittersweet


Don’teurgh drink and think.

Bitter drinks make you more judgemental, in a study carried out at the City University of New York.

Drinkers given either a bitter drink, a sweet drink or water and were asked to rate a series of scenarios by how morally questionable they were. Bitter drinkers gave judgements that were an average of 27 points higher.

Oddly, this effect was exacerbated if you were conservative, rather than liberal.

Are our abilities to detect bitter tastes somehow linked to our political leanings?

Or is this another case of the drink taste ‘bitter’ being inextricably linked in the mind to being ‘bitter’ as a state of mind?

Or is it that our mouth turns into the same shape for tasting bitter drinks as it does for displays of disgust, and this influences our decisions?

Whatever the reason, maybe we should be counselling judges and juries to avoid black coffee and sharp lemonade during trials.


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