Creative Disorientation & Deciem

Adownload-24 cool, new brand I’ve seen building up recently is Deciem: The Abnormal Beauty Company, owner of the excellent ‘The Ordinary’ skincare brand.

The Ordinary – for those of you who don’t follow the beauty pages – is one of the fastest growing beauty brands of all time. It sold 30,000 products within two weeks of launch, and caused a shockwave across the beauty industry. Simply, excellent, technical ingredients at cheap prices, in simple packaging.

But lets look at the master brand of Deciem. So far, so hipster beauty company – the black buildings, the use of white space, the bold font, the vaguely industrial chic vibe.


4 (1).jpg

But wait, there’s one thing about Deciem that really strikes me.




They really love monkeys.

There are monkeys everywhere. Their employees are called monkeys. Their website is covered in monkeys. The monkey is their mascot, symbol, brand character – call it what you will. And I even clicked on the very weird Facebook ad about a monkey demanding a coin from me, only to be given a £1 offer on their serum.

I’ve seen plenty of new beauty brands come in, and none have really stuck in my head the way Deciem has. And why? There’s no faces or airbrushed models or glamour shots here, no Instagram-worthy envy-inducing shots.

Instead, a furry monkey, to advertise a beauty company.

Imagine trying to sell that to L’Oreal…

The Glue Society believed that there should always be “one degree of creative disorientation” in their adverts. So an advert for a car insurance might have a man holding a cream eclair the whole way through, for no apparent reason.

In an age of advertising where we know the real battle is for attention, having quirks and oddities to your creativity is not just an arty luxury – it is a business necessity.